A Thievish Slave – Final

Note: Here’s the final course of bondage and torment for the unfortunate thief…catch the videos on Russian Captured Boys!

After subjecting the slave to the scorching touches of melted candle wax, the master was still not satisfied with the games. He actually admired making a canvas out of the poor boy’s body, pouring hot wax all over it.

He still wanted more. After all, the slave should be taught a lesson that whatever torment the master wished to inflict, the poor slave had no choice but to take it.

An idea came to his mind right then and there. This poor slave standing in front of him had not submitted yet to electro-torture. Every young male slave he owned had gone through the pains of electrodes. Maybe it was time this new slave standing in front of him experienced it.

“Guard, get him off the bench and tie him up standing.”

The guard took the command in haste and detached the slave from his bounds on the bench, without as much as delicateness to handle his beaten body.

_MG_4979 _MG_4982 _MG_4992The poor slave only moaned from the rough treatment. He was still recovering from the burns he felt all over his chest and stomach. The master did not hold back in spreading the hot melted wax earlier.

As the guard positioned him upright, he had a little bit of awareness of his surroundings. The master stood by his desk, right across from him, watching the whole process of getting him bound. He tried to appeal to his good senses. Maybe if he begged a little, the master would be swayed to let go of him so he could go back to his little pallet and rest.

“Master, please, I didn’t do anything.”

_MG_5013 _MG_5016Ah! The master always loved this part when a proud slave begged. It was an indication that his resolve was slowly fading. He loved it even more when they used that voice, such a melody to put context into the entire process of begging.

There was no better sound. He felt his absolute power over these creatures, and it was such a high to know that he could do to them whatever his twisted mind could imagine.

He didn’t even bother acknowledging the slave’s plea and just stared into the whole process. After but a few minutes, the guard finished tying him up.

The slave was ready for the next course.

“Slave, what you are about to experience would be very painful. I love using the electrodes. It brings so much agony to the poor victim without leaving a tiny trace on the skin. The whole mark is trapped from underneath it.” He explained as if he was trying to make a student understand the solution to a geometric equation.

_MG_5211 _MG_5251“Are you ready for the final course?” He asked with such a menacing smile.

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