Bound Hung Guy on Giant Tire

If there’s one thing that really turns me on, it’s exactly a setting like this. I go nuts when I see a guy bound spreadeagled, with his captor whipping him, then blowing him the next.

Your imagination can get really fired up and move to many directions. If you think of mild bondage, that’s possible. You can also push your imagination into darker realms. Think of a college dude that you’ve secured with ropes on his wrists, and do as you please. You can run your hands up and down his glistening, naked, and hot body…just imagine it.

This guy also has a conspicuous gift right between his legs. I mean just how much load can pass through the length of his shaft, right? All we can do is drool and maybe even wish that such length would find itself passing between our lips or our perky butt cheeks. 🙂

Love the constant state of tension and anticipation that the bound guy was showing here. He was very turned on with all the touches, and a pair of lips wrapping around his cock, yet he kept it subtle, restrained. Now that’s a scene that we can all appreciate for sure.

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