Captured Plumber – Final – Russian Captured Boys

The plumber’s journey down to slavery has reached its end here on Russian Captured Boys. Will he finally submit to the demands of slavery? Or will he still resist?

The RCB team had first duped the plumber to repairing the bathroom, only to be enslaved in the end. They first gave him a good whipping but the plumber kept his cool. He refused to give in to the demands of becoming a slave. It wasn’t an option in his head.

In the second round, his captors gave him a good whipping. They also suspended him so his full weight hung by his wrist. It was a difficult time for sure but he got through it.

Things were becoming harder and harder and he could no longer endure it. He finally gave in. At this point, the plumber was even willing to do everything they demanded, even if that meant removing his underwear….

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Watch the plumber finally submit only at Russian Captured Boys!

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