Centurians of Rome Snippet!

Before anything else, yes, they spelled it out as centuriAn and not centuriOn. There was no explanation other than they have made a spelling error.

I’ve seen snippets of this classic or vintage gay bondage movie set with the Roman Empire. I really love everything about it that I wish a contemporary version will follow suit. This was first released in 1981 and was claimed to be one of the most expensive gay films of all time then.

The one I’ve shared here is only a part of a whole movie. There are also other themes explored in other scenes. One would be a slave auction, a male slave tied in a boudoir to be trained as a sex slave, and male slaves forced to sexually stimulate Roman soldiers. Now these are some of the most titillating scenes that we can only wish to find in a film, and this one doesn’t disappoint.

It’s a classic but definitely an excellent watch!

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