Chained Heroes

I’m not particularly sure which part of Chained Heroes this is, or which volume, but I love it. It’s been around for some time but the content’s still highly sought and kept for those of us who get off seeing a muscular guy being manhandled.

The premise here is all too familiar. It’s also guaranteed to fire up our fantasies. I don’t even know the man’s name playing the POW, but the acting is very realistic. The infliction of pain is also believable, and the interrogator sounds quite enjoying himself despite the mild manner in his voice.

Now imagine yourself transported in time or even teleported in another reality where you run and command a POW training camp, I bet you’ll come up with different creative techniques to extract information. Or maybe you’re not even after any information. You’re only after inflicting pain and become the ultimate source of agony for your male prisoners. I bet that excites you a lot! 🙂

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