Fake Photoshooting – Part 2 on Russian Captured Boys

I switched to a new hosting provider so it affected my site yesterday. If you tried to view my postings yesterday and weren’t able to, I apologize. As my readership expands, I had to find a better hosting provider so you can enjoy my blog a lot more without any fuss.

I missed posting yesterday so I’m retroactively posting this scene from Russian Captured Boys called Fake Photoshooting Part 2. Poor Danila’s torture continues here. He thought that he was modeling for a fashion magazine before. He didn’t realize that it was all but a ploy to capture and enslave him.

His tormentors now demand more pain from him so they could get a winning shot. If that means subjecting him to some electric shock sessions, then so be it!

foto_40011 foto_40027 foto_40156 foto_40204 foto_40292 foto_40320 foto_40418 foto_40811



Watch Danila suffers some electric torture only on Russian Captured Boys!

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