Favourite Pain Slave Pavel – Part II

This week Russian Captured Boys has served us with one of its pain sluts, or should I say a novice by the reaction given to us by Pavel. For those who enjoy a lean, well-defined body stretched out on a malevolent rack, this scene is perfectly made for you. RCB has begun to establish its place in the BDSM world, particularly in gay BDSM.

Imagine the suffering this boy has to go through when the ruthless interrogator clipped an evil device used to electrocute people. A little dose of electricity here and there and it’s almost guaranteed to send the victim into sheer agony.

DSC_0659 DSC_0704Now Pavel’s nipples are completely locked and pinched by this device, while the interrogator continues to send through varying degrees of electricity. I don’t need to tell you how much pain the boy goes through. One look at his face tells all.

DSC_0783 DSC_0869Aside from electrocuting Pavel, our stoic tormentor plays with the rack pulley to stretch the poor victim to his limits. This also limits Pavel’s movements as jerking around will cause tremendous pain on his limbs. Now he has a choice to take the electrocution without so much struggle or risk tugging at his restraints and cause much further suffering on his arms. Curious? You can see all of that on RCB.

DSC_0877Catch the entire video and more pictures of this BDSM scene on +RusCapturedGuys.

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