Forest Fun – Parts I and II

I came across another gay bondage website, which, I’m sure, some of you have already seen before. Ok, the site is called Gay War Games and they have videos that really caught my attention. When you get to the landing page you will immediately see a comment about a pseudo country called “Tchukistan,” a war-torn place infested with dangerous, fiendish, but hot-looking soldiers.

In this series, an unfortunate twink wondered down an isolated path in the middle of the afternoon. Little did he know that he would bump into two of the most sex depraved soldiers in that part of the country.

It was too late to turn back because he was already spotted. The two soldiers cornered the twink like a couple of lions stalking their prey. It didn’t take long for them to start harassing the poor lad, and it wasn’t just verbal assault. They handled him roughly down the floor.

There was no way to escape the lad’s circumstance. He should’ve listened to his friends’ warning earlier not to take the short route. He didn’t pay the advice any mind, thinking that the infantry would probably be taking the main avenue instead of the off-path.

Now his fate had been sealed and he would serve as a sex toy to these sadistic men.

forest_fun_s1-02 forest_fun_s1-03 forest_fun_s1-04 forest_fun_s1-06 forest_fun_s1-08The horror began at once.

They spat in his face.

They made him get down on his knees and bent low to lick their boots.

Despite the disgust that the lad felt for what these rough men made him do, he complied without any delay. He knew that these dangerous men wouldn’t hesitate to inflict more pain if he disobeyed.

forest_fun_s1-09 forest_fun_s1-10 forest_fun_s1-13When the two soldiers were quite satisfied with the warm-up, they hauled the poor lad and placed him over a huge tire. One of them started undressing him, revealing the true intention of what they planned to do later on.

forestfun_s2-01They brought out the dildo and rammed it into the lad’s mouth, making him lick it. It was definitely a dry-run of what they wanted him do later on. They needed to make sure that he was at least getting used to sucking a man’s cock before they stick theirs into his mouth.

forestfun_s2-03 forestfun_s2-04 forestfun_s2-12After a few rounds of heads from the amazing novice, they felt hard enough to sustain their boners, which they plan to satiate in other ways than ramming their rods into this boy’s mouth. No, they would simply empty their loads into the lad’s manhole and they couldn’t wait to do that once and for all.

But first, warm his hole up!

forestfun_s2-05 forestfun_s2-07 forestfun_s2-10**Gay War Games**

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