Rent a Body – Ilya

The following fictional short story was inspired by the video scenes from a bondage series called Rent a Body Ilya on Russian Captured Boys.

Ilya saw the ad:

“Male model needed for a product shoot. For details, call 555-555-1212.”

It was simple and direct to the point. He felt confident that he’d be considered. He had very manly features. His dark hair and eyes were an appealing contrast to the normal blond, blue eyes combinational attributes that many Prussians shared.

He also worked out a lot and even felt proud of his own accomplishments. About a year and a half ago, you would call him scrawny. Right then, however, no one would even think of him as that.

Over time he managed to bulk up some muscles but maintained his lean body. Yes, the strict work out regimen he religiously followed definitely paid off. He was filled with enough confidence to respond to the ad, which he’d only skip over a year and a half ago.

Without further scrutiny he picked up the phone and called.

“Hi, I’m calling about the ad you placed on The Prussian News Print. Are you still looking for a model?”

“Yes, of course, when will you be able to come in?” The response was direct but friendly.

“I’m actually free this afternoon. I know that may be a little short time…but,” Ilya didn’t even finish his explanation when the person on the other line responded.

“No problem at all. How does 2 PM sound?”

“2 PM’s great! Where are you located?”

“Just go to the pier by the dock at that time. Someone will meet you there and drive you to the location. I cannot disclose the exact location over the phone because of the nature of our business. I’m sorry if I’m taking a bit of pre-caution to safeguard the business, but, surely, you understand.”

“Uhm….Okay,” Ilya responded. He was honestly taken aback by the man’s hesitation to share the exact location.

“I understand if that makes you feel uncomfortable. On another note, we’re big business and if you have the looks we need, we can immediately pay you $2000.00 as your start-up retainer fee. That has a potential to increase depending on how our clientele responds to your modeling. However, if you’re uncomfortable about my methods of discretion, we don’t have to conduct the business.”  The man explained without being overbearing, but still all-business.

“Oh, no, I’m still interested. I was just caught a little off guard earlier, but, sure, I’ll be there by the dock at 2PM to meet your guy.”

“Awesome! See you then.”

Honestly Ilya felt a little uncomfortable but the guy seemed reasonable enough, plus he could really have a good use of the $2000 that he’d make right away if they liked him. It was awesome. It would take him roughly two months to earn that amount bagging grocery items.

The clock struck at 11 AM. He still had time to work out and break a sweat before his meeting, which could be the big break that he had been waiting for.

At around 2PM by the dock…

There was a man wearing all black with sunglasses on leaning against the fence. There was nobody else so Ilya safely assumed that this was the guy the agency sent to meet him.

“Hi, I’m Ilya. Are you the guy from the agency?” He asked with a friendly tone and a big smile that showed his dimples.

“I am.” The guy said tersely and looked him up from head to toe. “I think they will be happy with you.”

“Oh, thanks!” It was all Ilya could say. The guy also had an air of creepiness that didn’t sit well with him.

“Follow me.” The man walked to where a black car was parked.

Ilya followed the man and eventually climbed into the car. The man in black didn’t say anything else. He just stared at Ilya through a pair of dark sunglasses that the man didn’t bother removing even when they were inside the car.

Ilya was becoming anxious by the minute, but he told himself that maybe he was just overreacting and being ridiculous. The truth was that he fully understood the discretion that the agency exercised.

Prussia was still big on homophobia. Any kind of business or negotiations suspected by the government involved in homosexual activity, even if there were no material evidences to fortify the suspicion, the government could shut the operations down.

An innocent male model agency could be seen as such. At least it was how Ilya rationalized it.

The car pulled to a stop in front of what appeared to be an isolated building.

“This way.” The man in black ushered Ilya to follow him inside. As they entered, Ilya felt shivers run down his spine when they walked down a long, desolate hallway. After what seemed like forever, they finally reached the end where a huge, black door faced them.

DSC_8944 DSC_8946“Here we are,” said the man in black.

He opened the door and let Ilya walk in. Without as much as a warning he hit Ilya’s head hard enough that he knocked him out straight down onto the cold, concrete floor.

Two hours after, Ilya regained consciousness. He realized then that he was restrained upside down to the metal grill attached to the window. They also removed his shirt and only left his boxers on.

“Well, well, good that you’re awake. I don’t have all day.” The man in black said. There was also something different about him now. He seemed to be more talkative than he was before. “In case you didn’t know, the man you spoke with earlier on the phone and yours truly are one and the same.”

Ilya also noticed that his manner of speech had also changed. The stiff and reserved demeanor disappeared. What appeared now was a relaxed man who seemed to be very excited on what was happening.


“Aaaaahhhhhhhhhh.” Ilya screamed.

“Oh, yes, in case you didn’t notice, I attached some wires on your nipples and abdomen. That’s just basically to enforce obedience. I can increase the voltage so it can effectively make the experience more painful.”


The man in black zapped Ilya once again but this time it was much longer.

“Pleasssssseeee stop it!” Ilya begged.

“Okay, that’s good. I believe we have established my intention here and now you know that I won’t hesitate to hurt you if you do not follow what I tell you to do.” The man in black haughtily said. “Now I want you to give me inverted sit-ups and don’t stop until I say so.”

Ilya tried to focus on gathering and maintaining his strength. He started to bend himself up and down. He didn’t dare stop because the pain in his abs seemed much more acceptable than the pain he’d get from the electric shocks.

DSC_9024 DSC_9032This went on for about fifteen minutes non-stop before the man in black motioned for him to stop.

Ilya was panting so hard and the man didn’t even offer him some water. In fact he waved two of his hired hands to haul Ilya down.

“Now listen very carefully. I own you now and there will be no more future for you in the world you once knew. I am your new reality. That reality establishes me as the master, and you, the slave. I understand that it can be confusing for you right this minute. The good thing is that from here on, the only responsibility you will have is absolute obedience. Anything less will be severely punished. In a moment your training will begin.”

The words didn’t make any sense to Ilya. He was extremely confused but one thing was clear at the moment: He was in a very serious trouble, and that frightened him down to his core.

DSC_9061What of his new life then?

DSC_9202 DSC_9149 DSC_9197 DSC_9352 DSC_9355 DSC_9367 DSC_9423 DSC_9381Watch the bondage videos on Russian Captured Boys!

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