Rented Captive Eugene – Part 2

About two weeks ago, I blogged about part 1 of this very exciting gay BDSM video, featuring the light-blue-eyed hunk named Eugene. Russian Captured Boys once again satisfies our perverse craving for the next round of tortures this Russian hunk has to go through. For those who enjoy videos with heavy gay BDSM themes, the raw approach to pain infliction seen here will certainly have its appeal. Obviously, all videos on RCB are consensual, but it’s easy to forget that with the high-caliber shoot they serve on a silver platter twice a week, sometimes even more! Part 2 definitely doesn’t disappoint.


Eugene’s tormentor is not the usual guy delivering the torture. It’s actually such a breath of fresh air to feature a very realistic sadist playing the role.

Our blue-eyed hunk goes through a brutal round of electric torture from a metal pinwheel hooked from a portable electric box.



It’s no doubt the bastard has increased the voltage zapped into Eugene. I mean, hearing his screams convey an expression of sheer agony. Either he’s just a talented actor or the pain prompts that guttural scream.

DSC_0218But the torture doesn’t end there, of course. After a few rounds, the inscrutable sadist calmly says that Eugene’s has had enough electricity…

…And it’s just a preamble to another bout of brutal whipping. The sadistic man concentrates the beating on Eugene’s biceps. This undoubtedly makes Eugene scream from the unbelievable pain deliberately localized on both his arms, attested by the welts splattered all over his body.


The tormentor doesn’t seem satisfied even after he inflicted the violent whipping on the poor boy. He complains to the slave facilitator if Eugene can bear any more pain. Negotiations ensued. The tormentor finally makes a comment that he wants Eugene’s underwear to go, apparently wanting to inflict pain on a totally nude slave. The facilitator agrees for more money. The sadist didn’t even budge and just agreed. Obviously, nothing is too expensive to satisfy a very sadistic craving. 🙂

DSC_0456 DSC_0471 DSC_0476 DSC_0484Watch the whole scene on Russian Captured Boys!

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