Sergey: Sweat and Tears

Here’s one of my favorite male slaves on Slave Boy Training. His name is Sergey. He used to do construction work. At a young age of 24, and a muscular body frame, he caught the eye of one of the “recruiters” that target and hunt the next male slaves for the compound. It didn’t really take long to stage the capture of this beautiful boy.

As it turned out, most construction workers in this place are easily lured into a trap when you dangle a carrot–that carrot being a new project, some cash, or just additional gig on the side. Money is scarce, so everyone jumps at the opportunity when it comes knocking. The only problem with Sergey though is that the opportunity is more for the recruiter that for himself.

That was quite some time ago. In just a couple of months, the overseers have successfully instilled the docility needed in this slave. The reminders were harsh, of course. The methods applied would just simply make you shudder. The demands were enough to accomplish what’s needed. You wouldn’t expect anything less, now would you?

But in the end, it’s so worth it when you’re left with such a beautiful and very obedient male slave that follows your command without hesitation.

sergey1 sergey2 sergey3 sergey4 sergey5 sergey7 sergey8 sergey9Watch the video only on Slave Boy Training.

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