The Punishment for Sergeant – Final – Russian Captured Boys

August 25, 2016 Queer Bee 0

The warden can only wish that his ordeal is over. They’ve already electrocuted him and subjected him to bastinado. What else could they possibly want? The RCB guys don’t feel satisfied that this guard has learned his lesson. They need to prolong his agony more to ensure that the lesson will penetrate his head. They can not show any compassion or mercy towards the slave. The slaves must be treated […]

Captured Superintended

December 21, 2015 Queer Bee 0

The term construction guys may sometimes put some of us in a great mood. It even fires up some of our imagination as to what a typical construction man looks like, and allowing us to explore that imagination as far as thinking of owning one and to do with him as we please. That’s what Russian Captured Boys has fleshed out for us in this particular series. To make this […]

The Acrobat on the Casting

October 14, 2015 Queer Bee 0

Wow! It’s been awhile since I actually blogged here on my blog. Quite honestly things had been pretty busy for me, and I had to take care of some personal stuff that’s why I didn’t get to my blog. But enough about me…I’m here to share with you some of the most exciting scenes in gay bondage that you’ll only get to see on Russian Captured Boys! So in this […]

The Twink Abducts a Muscle Stud in “Street Fighter” – Part I

July 5, 2015 Queer Bee 0

Check out this bondage throwback produced by Bound-Up Boys. I can’t skip the opportunity to share this series that features the beefy Brogan under the ministrations of Joey. Some twinks fantasize about mastering a muscle stud. Wouldn’t it be nice to actually have these hunks under their control just for once? Unfortunately most twinks only fantasize about it without following through. Except for Joey. Joey’s been patiently waiting for the […]

The Jogger – Part I

June 4, 2015 Queer Bee 0

Dream Boy Bondage has launched a new series. This time the fantasy is about that jogger you most likely have spotted trailing along the park. There are guys who love showcasing their athletic and well-toned torsos dripping with sweat, while some only wear tank tops, thin enough that sweat could easily come through the fabric. For some of us, the latter is nothing but a tease. You don’t get to […]