The Betting of Two Masters – Part 1

Russian Captured Boys has consistently produced high-quality muscles in bondage videos, but every once in awhile, they come up with something even better. This video below is a very good example. It actually reminds me of a scene in one of the stories I read somewhere about a gladiator slave in the roman era punished by whipping, by two overseers.

The poor boy featured here is also smoking hot! I mean he has the perfect package to be the slave that you want for yourself, and to do as you please. You will enjoy the part where they chained him up and stretched him out, then alternately whipped him up. One sadist worked on his front and the other on his back.

Sometimes you’ll wish that they try to hit him harder, but given the circumstances, it was more than satisfying. It just keeps getting better and better. Here are some of the pics from that scene. Enjoy!

foto0037 foto0088 foto0112 foto0132 foto0189 foto0290 foto0315 foto1007 foto0992 foto0948

Catch this super hot male slave bondage video on Russian Captured Boys!

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