The Cabin Series II

I would have to tell you right away that I don’t have access yet to the first part. I actually purchased this gay porn video from Kink on Demand because the whole scene captivated me as soon as I saw the trailer. It definitely has the right ingredients to get my juices flowing. Bound Gods has come up with some sinister theme that features Kip Johnson and Tatum in the spotlight. For those of you who don’t know Kip, he’s like the Tarzan incarnate. If you saw the animated Tarzan movie and imagine Tarzan coming into life, the end result would be Kip Johnson (check another post where he plays the unfortunate slave to the Romans here). Tatum, on the other hand, is just one freaking sexy son of a bitch, with his hairy chest and bald head. That gives you some hot badass looking dude that ended up in ropes. Pity….NOT! Because Tatum spread out like that is something I could watch all day. 🙂35925_002 35925_006 35925_008 35925_011 35925_020 35925_021 35925_031 35925_037 35925_039 35925_049**Bound Gods**

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