The Guy Next Door – Part I

Dear Porn Lovers,

One of our talented, sadistic scouts at Russian Captured Boys approached the muscular next door and asked he wanted to earn extra cash. Well, who wouldn’t? The problem is that earning his cash equates to submitting to games of pain. The hunk, of course, declined. I mean not everyone has a taste for kink. This didn’t deter our scout, however. Guess what he did? He turned to more persuasive measures and held a gun to his head. Now our hunk becomes a cornered prey.DSC_0184 DSC_0186

The next scene that unfolds is simply breathtaking. We get to see this strapping young guy turned into a male slave, hanging by his wrists. You got to admire the perfect contours of his body glistening in sweat.



The sadistic scouts just want us to enjoy fantasizing on this hanging flesh, as they display him stretched taut like that. To enhance the slave’s suffering, they chained a weight to his ankle. Imagine the strain this causes to the hunk’s body as the pressure builds up.

DSC_0310 Catch the next door guy in all his muscular glory just on RCB!

Wickedly horny,

Porn Mate

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