The Guy Next Door – Part II

Dear Porn Lovers,

We’re now back to our reluctant hunk from Guy Next Door – Part I, and his cruel fate for refusing to give in to our sadistic scout’s request. Tsk…tsk… this poor male slave should’ve just agreed in the first place. After being suspended for hours, his body aches everywhere. Little did he know that his suffering has just begun! Because our scouts at Russian Captured Boys are more than happy to wield the whip! Oh, how I love how the scout just nonchalantly pinches his nipple and splashes his face with a bucket of cold water! Can you feel my excitement? Yes, you can. 🙂 

Wait, so looking at the following pictures just builds up my excitement further, especially with that whip that the scout is about to uncoil.
And then it begins…

DSC_0375 DSC_0412 DSC_0411 DSC_0424 DSC_0518
After the male slave’s ordeal, we’re left with such an exhilarating image of his bruised body. Look at those beautiful, reddish stripes! Match that with the single tail whip hanging around his neck and you have a perfect fantasy recipe. if you want to see this poor slave boy’s complete suffering, check him out on Russian Captured Boys.

Wickedly horny,

Porn Mate

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