The Second Military Story – Parts 1 and 2

Note: The featured post below is a work of fiction and fantasy. Use of make-up had been applied to live up to the realism theme. To see the entire collection of photos and video of the sargeant’s ordeal and the torment of the poor prisoner, check out Russian Captured Boys!

So the RCB mastermind had a sargeant that carried out the punishments of the prisoners. The second military story picked up from the first one.

In the first part of the Second Military Story, the sargeant had been punished for his failure that led to the escape of the prisoner featured in the first story.

ALP_(11) ALP_(127)In order for him to learn his lesson and to make sure that he watched the prisoners vigilantly moving forward, the masterminds had taken the steps to instill that lesson in the ways they excelled–by whipping the crap out of him.

ALP_(203) ALP_(142)The mastermind is a bondage expert so no better option than to demonstrate that to the well trusted sargeant who had brought so much disappointment to him lately.

In part 2, the sargeant had undoubtedly learned his lessons well as embedded by the marks of the whipping he went through. He would never forget the sting of the single tail and the fiery kisses they left on his back. Oh, yes, he learned his lessons well.

He was pissed off and he was definitely going to take that out on the poor prisoner, who was the comrade of the one who escaped from his hands. The poor friend would absolutely pay for the sins of his kin.

ALP_(443) ALP_(605) photo_(0) photo_(3) photo_(21) photo_(56) photo_(58)Note: To see more of the poor prisoner and the sargeant’s suffering evidenced by the marks on his back, check out Russian Captured Boys!

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Acknowledgements: Imaged by Russian Captured Boys.
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