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Bully Guy Vitaliy On Russian Captured Boys

by Queer Bee in Gay Bondage Features 0

This guy reminds me of someone that I used to work with. They really look alike! I even had a crush on him and thought of very naughty things that I wanted to do to [...]

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Mike Gaite Outdoor Kink Fuck1-1
Gay Bondage Tube

Mike Gaite Outdoor Bondage Fuck

September 7, 2019 0

I have not heard of this guy before but this video is high-definition. I love the look of this guy. He’s handsome but not too much that you’d think you’re watching another gay porn star. Ironically, I think this guy is – no matter, he knows how to delivery a good bondage video. I particularly love the expressive facial reactions as the guy in the mask begin to grope him […]

Courier Yaroslav. Part I-4
Gay Bondage Features

Courier Yaroslav Must Pass Test to Keep Job

September 7, 2019 0

Every once in a while, we lose focus at work and we screw things up. In many situations, this is okay. Your boss will probably not fuss over it as long as it doesn’t keep happening. At the Russian Captured Boys compound, however, a slight mistake always comes with a price. Workers don’t have much choice because jobs are scarce in this part of the world. The RCB folks gave […]

Asian Slave Boy Milked with Venus 2000-1
Gay Bondage Tube

Asian Slaveboy Milked with Venus 2000

September 2, 2019 0

I’m always looking for videos just like this. I find it extremely erotic watching a muscular slave boy, completely tied up and then mechanically milked. I guess it’s the helplessness on the slave’s part that’s so hot for me. This Asian slave boy is completely at the mercy of his tormentor as they put the Venus 2000 on his dick. He just moans and whimpers as the machine strokes his […]

Bodybuilder Stepan Naked. Part I-6
Gay Bondage Tube

Bodybuilder Slave Stepan Ordered to Strip for Punishment

August 30, 2019 0

Stepan has the build for slavery. He’s perfect for becoming a beast of burden. If you fantasize about trotting him along naked while pulling a carriage with a collar around his neck led by a chain, he’s the guy. So the master at the Russian Captured Boys compound has never seen Stepan fully naked. One day, Stepan caught his eye. That was just going to be a matter of time […]

Tied and Tormented, DaddysBondageBoys Part 5-7
Gay Bondage Features

Master Dirk Finds Himseld Tied Spreadeagled and Flogged

August 28, 2019 0

The tables have turned. Drake Jaden had gotten himself free from restraints. He’s focused now on getting his tormentor, Dirk Caber tied up so that he can inflict back the agony. This whole thing comes in series and this is actually part 5. For those of you who recognize and love Dirk Caber like I do, this one will make you salivate over him all over again. Drake Jaden is […]

Bondage Roulette

Gay Bondage Features

Relatively Smart Convict Strip Searched by Perverted Guards

June 18, 2016 0

This guy was actually featured back in May on Strip Search Hell. He isn’t the typical stupid convict who wastes his energy showing bravado in the hopes that it’ll intimidate the guards. They’re too silly to think that it’ll work but it never did and it never will. The guards always have the upper hand in this prison. It’s never the other way around. Not the guy we’re featuring here, […]

Gay Bondage Features

Scarred Muscle – Part 8

July 14, 2014 0

In last Friday’s gay BDSM update of Dream Boy Bondage, our muscle slave boy Neill is once again up for hot sessions of torture from the sadistic hands of Cole. […]

Gay Bondage Features

Slave Zhenya Captured Again on RCB

August 29, 2017 0

Every time that Russian Captured Boys features Zhenya, I’m there to watch every single thing about it. He’s so darn sexy! The guy simply likes getting helpless. He craves pain or maybe he gets off on being tied up. That works for me and I imagine for many of us! haha! His return doesn’t disappoint because we get to see his gorgeous body hanging like a piece of meat ready to process. When […]

Gay Bondage Features

The Mormon Boys – Part II

December 12, 2014 0

The Mormon boys’ dilemma continues in the basement dungeon. There, Elder Berry finds himself tied down spreadeagled on a massive table customized for perverted activities performed by sociopathic but sexy Jared. Now for those of you who imagine holding handsome Mormon boys in captivity, this gay BDSM sequel from Dream Boy Bondage will not disappoint. […]


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