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Dear Porn Pal,

Here’s a scene that really caught my eye, primarily because of the opposite features that these two men have. One of them is a professor. He’s blond;  he has that boy-next-door looks with eyes that appear tame and mellow, but with a luscious pair of lips that’s just simply inviting. He’s also somewhat shy, or maybe it’s just the soft-spoken nature that adds to his appeal. He’s equipped with a set of biceps that would make you want to swoon over just to have an opportunity for him to catch you. He’s a combination of cute and hunky if you get my drift.

The student is a totally different matter. He’s got dark hair, dark eyes, lean, muscular body. He’s what you’ll describe as sultry in a very masculine way. The tight fitting navy blue shirt does little to conceal a well-toned torso that would make your mouth water. And those cherry red lips that you want to bite to see if the color is pure artifice, only to get more excited knowing it’s natural. He also has an accent which makes you think he hails originally from Italy or Spain. The exotic air adds to the animalistic appeal. In a word, he’s superbly sensual.

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So the scene begins with the student calling out to someone to go ahead since he still needs to speak with the professor. They were left alone so the student asks the professor on the probability of same-sex experimentation. The bashful professor explains through a scale system, elaborating that self-proclaimed straight people will have at least one slip in their lifetime. The conversation goes on until the student asks the professor where he falls within the scale. The professor answers with no hesitation that he’s on the zero- Translation: He’s absolutely straight!

The student, now sitting on the professor’s desk, didn’t take that bait, nor it deterred him from doing what he obviously wanted to do to him.  After reconfirming that they are alone, he reaches down to the professor’s crotch and says that he thinks he’s either a two or a three. The shy professor offers no resistance to the student’s bold move, which obviously validates his burning desire for the sultry man. The student unzips the professor’s dress pants and pulls out his rock hard penis. He does not waste time and catches the shaft into his mouth.

The shy professor is now shamelessly moaning from the pleasures of the student’s non-stop working mouth. He leans back on the chair, legs extended and slightly spread apart to make room for the busy student giving him a mind-blowing blowjob. The student sucks his cock with so much gusto, as if he’s slurping on a red-velvet lollipop cake, fletcherizing every bite before swallowing. The professor stands up so the student pulls his pants completely down without breaking the blow job. For a moment the professor’s caught in a shade of guilt as though he couldn’t believe he let a student do this to him. But the pleasure trumps the guilt and so he lets it go and gets blown.

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The student is now completely overtaken with lust so he temporarily disengages and removes his shirt, revealing a lean and toned body. He lays on the desk and lets his head hang on the edge so the professor could stand by and let his dick enter his mouth. The only remaining clothing at this point is the professor’s baby blue polo shirt that he immediately removes as soon as he starts mouth-fucking his student. The next blow-job scene will let your saliva drip. The professor climbs on the table with one knee propped for support and takes the student’s penis into his mouth. So they’re on sixty-nine, enjoying the taste of each other’s penis in a recently deserted classroom! Imagine the scandal! But who cares? It’s still fucking hot.

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After the blow-job spectacle is over, the student literally begs the professor to fuck him. The ever polite professor says with a big smile on his face that the student must not say a word to the class and his girlfriend. The student happily agrees, obviously taken over with electric lust. He really doesn’t care at that point. It’s evident that the only thing the student has in mind is for the professor to fuck him right then and there. So the professor did. He approaches from behind his student who’s bent over the desk, ready for the back assault. The professor then pumps in and out, in and out, lost in the sensation of the tight hole enveloping his penis.

Screenshot at Jun 10 00-31-06

They break the position and assume another. This time, the student lays sideways on the desk with his right leg hanging over the professor’s left shoulder. His hands are locked behind his head, revealing a cluster of armpit hair that you’d want to lick. The professor continues to ram into the power bottom, letting his dick enter the lubricated, hot hole too good for his dick’s comfort and pleasure. In and out, in and out… until finally the student shoots a load, followed by the professor shortly after.

The professor then explains that it was just at the right place and the right time. Yeah, right. He’s definitely straight. 🙂

I bet you’d want to catch this scene for yourself so check it out on Straight to Gay and search using the title of this letter. You’ll love it.


Porn Mate


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