Queer Bondage Update Feb. 6, 2016

Okay, my friends, here are some of the quick updates in the Queer Bondage world.

On Dream Boy Bondage, Wesley’s mouth’s been transformed into a cum chute for Jared’s tool. He was also made to lick every last drop of cum from Jared’s cock. Despite’s Wesley’s previous suffering, it’s never going to be enough. It’s quite a revelation for him in spite of everything that his servitude as a sex slave’s been cemented.

On the other hand, Bryan Cole’s sufferings have now approached its climax when he gets zapped in the balls with a good measure of electricity through that harmless looking cock ring. Add a good round of single-tail whipping and it’s a guarantee to heighten this captive’s agony.

Watch more of Bryan and Wesley only Dream Boy Bondage!

On BrutalTops, here’s what’s happening: 

“Snarling psychotic schoolboy Edward returns to team up with his new best mate Master Lucas to dish out severe punishment to this feeble worm-like sub. He is stripped naked by the two school lads and ordered to lick clean first their shoes and then their stinky feet. The Masters sneer at each other about how they have total control of this weak little runt.

002 006 014 013Thrashing his arse with a belt, the two tops strip off and order the sub to mount himself on a massive dildo which is attached to an inflatable ball. Bouncing around on the ball with the huge rubber dick bashed deep up his arse, the sub has to suck the rapidly hardening dicks of the Masters before Edward pisses into his mouth.

016 007 008Reversing himself, Master Edward’s fetid arsehole is rammed into the sub’s face and Master Lucas holds his head so he’s powerless and has to deeply rim the grunting excited top.”

Catch the entire video on BrutalTops

While on BreederFuckers, here’s what’s up:

“Tough guy thug Sergei thinks he rules the neighbourhood. He struts around in his slick suit, demanding protection money from local residents or else he’ll give them something to be scared of. He selfishly preys upon the hard work of others for his own benefit. It’s time this smarmy gangster fucker was preyed upon. Dave strips him off and ties him down. He luxuriates in stroking his big bulging package over his tight white underwear. Sergei is secured in place so his ass is spread wide and completely vulnerable for whatever use men want to inflict upon his hole.

0019 0030 0052 0043Sergei howls in anger beneath the ball gag when he realizes the position he’s in. Every inch of his body fights against his restraints, but there is nothing he can do to stop Dave flogging his perfect bum cheeks or shoving an enormous dildo up his ass so he can be rhythmically fucked. His gag is removed so a dildo can be planted in his big tough mouth as well. Sergei makes a pretty sight being penetrated from both ends while locked in place. Dave anoints him shooting a hot load of semen all over the humiliated gangster’s face. This puts the bastard in his place.”

0076 0078 0084 0083Catch this only on BreederFuckers!

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