A Lesson for the Borrower

Time to get back to that poverty-stricken country where men will do almost anything to get by. Our RCB team has definitely taken advantage of the unfortunate situation for the many people fighting and working hard to live another day.

A well-muscled young man approached them again to borrow more money. He was obviously very desperate to get it because he begged them that he’d do anything just for the team to issue the loan. The RCB loan shark couldn’t believe his ears, and his luck. A hot strapping young man telling him that he’d do anything to get the loan? Now that’s music to his ears.

After further negotiation, the RCB loan shard outlined his terms. The man was taken aback. He couldn’t believe the conditions to get the loan but he needed the money desperately. He eventually complied. He only prayed that he’d survive the ordeal so he could bring the money back to his family.

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