A Slave Fucked by the Romans!

Let’s look back again at one of Bound in Public’s best gang bang videos in my honest opinion. Kip Johnson is such a sight to behold here, along with the rest of the gay porn stars in full Roman regalia. The theme is obviously about the Roman Empire where Kip plays the unfortunate slave or gladiator bound to serve his Roman masters.

In the beginning you can see the poor hooded slave being dragged around while his hands are tied behind his back. The horny Roman masters take pleasure in further humiliating the poor gladiator. It didn’t take long before the soldiers decide to take the humiliation to a sadistically carnal degree. Of course the slave doesn’t just serve as a hole for the itchy cocks but also as a recipient of endless pain in this brutal gang bang. 35082_001 35082_010 35082_008 35082_011 35082_020 35082_024 35082_030 35082_036 35082_014 35082_048**Bound in Public**

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