Alex Davinci- Another Dumb Jock – Part 1 – Dream Boy Bondage

When I first saw this model on Dream Boy Bondage, I was instantly drawn by his beauty. This is the very first video in a series that features one of the hottest models yet. It’s no secret that DBB tries to feed some of our dark fantasy to bind a hot young man on a bondage table, spread-eagled and completely helpless.






We can stare at him throughout the night and think of things that we can do. This particular video is very hot because Alex’s clothing had been gradually stripped away. It’s like unwrapping a present that you’re just dying to get your hands on.



The image that the guy’s vision’s been completely blocked with a hood on will surely add to the whole thrill and experience. You love the idea that he just lies there, anticipating in distress what will happen to him next. And the only other person who knows how to answer that is you.



The video series basically follows Alex’s transformation into becoming a sex slave. Wouldn’t you like to see all of that? 🙂

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