Another Victim of Justice

Here’s another shoot that really taps into our depraved fantasies. I also love the model here. He reminds me somehow of Ryan Philippe, at least before they shaved off his head. Sadly he lost all of that right away in the first scene when the fake judge handed out his sentence. I’ve combined all three series here.

In the second scene, we get to see the male slave in, well, slave clothing. His suffering also began here when the guards subjected him to the painful bastinado. We see that beautiful body stretched in a very painful position, bent back. Imagine the strain that it brought down his back. Whew!

Well, the third and the last scene is my favorite. I always like to see guys suspended, especially men with gorgeous body and a little bit of armpit hair. When a guy is suspended, you imagine how vulnerable he is. At the same time, it’s an invitation for you to take advantage. To touch and run your hand up and down that glistening piece of meat. That’s precisely what the judge did. All we can do is enjoy or vicariously feel the prisoner’s body through the judge’s wandering hands.

I’m going to share some of the photos below, but you need to see the videos to really enjoy it.

++Russian Captured Boys++

foto_4007 foto_4311 foto_4786 foto_4907 foto035 foto097 foto153 foto890 foto169 foto252 foto806Catch this only on Russian Captured Boys!

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