Anthony Tied to the Bed – STHJ – Spreadeagled and Naked!

On January 17, 2017, RAM Productions released the video of one of their hottest models, Anthony, tied spreadeagled on the bed on Slow Teasing Hand Jobs. There’s something so erotic here. It’s really an imagination completely personified.

Just take a look at an older man getting his way with a younger, muscular hunk of a man as he’s tied up and rendered completely helpless. It’s almost surreal to see this picture happening because you wouldn’t expect such a fine specimen to just completely submit to the pleasures of very experienced hands (and even mouth!)

Here are some of the photos but it’s totally different when you see the video. Anthony is reason enough to see it!

Richard sucks spreadeagled Anthony

Anthony tied up in bed

Anthony stretches from the pleasure of being jacked

Richard feels up Anthony's balls

Richard is about to open his mouth and suck Anthony as the poor hunk is spreadeagled

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