Arrogant Prick Gets What’s Coming for Him – BreederFuckers

BreederFuckers is at it again!

Now, they have their eyes set on the arrogant and homophobic prick, Lee. They knew that they had to have him trapped in their lair.

Lee’s a one-day-millionaire. He earns money today only to burn them all out tomorrow. He then begins to hustle, walking his way around and even hurling insults to the gay community while at it. Yeah, a homophobic prick indeed.

As distasteful as that behavior is by this young man, that’s pretty much what caught the attention of the team to decide that the bastard needs to be put in his place.

It’s time to lure him into the trap.


Lee burning money Adrian about to go for the kill on Breeder Fuckers Adrian and David unwrapping their gift 0034 0044 Adrian flogs Lee's cock 0063 Lee gets fingers up his ass

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