Atticus on Men on Edge

This is an old video from Men on Edge. I came across a very good clip, and I thought I’d share it with you guys. Now the setting is really a turn on, right? Just look at that huge canopy bed where they tied up Atticus spreadeagled. He really looked very pleasant in such a vulnerable position.

According to the MOE blurb, Atticus had never been tied up before, so you could see that he was a bit nervous in the beginning that he tried to hide behind a shy smile and a subtle smirk.

Sebastian Keys eased him in, and he’s usually very good at making first-timers feel a bit more comfortable. You can tell by Atticus’s reaction to his touch. I mean watch the clip here. Just ignore the ads on the clip.

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If you want to see the entire videos like this, you can either go subscribe at Men on Edge and you can catch other similar edging videos of super hot guys, or you can buy the clip through Kink on Demand. The title is “Atticus” and it was taken on July 2,2013. You have to comb through by the date.

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