Aug. 3, 2016 Back to Back: CFNMTV and Strip Search Hell

Just wanted to give you guys quick updates on two of my favorite gay humiliation sites out there. Well, that’s probably a bit questionable for CFNMTV but I’m certain that they exist at the whim of gay folks out there anyway! 🙂

The fantasy goes into the usual mode. They catch a naughty male student pulling some dirty tricks on the poor girls. The principal orders the security to apprehend him and brought to her office. She will teach this arrogant fellow a lesson in humiliation. What better way to do that than to empower the girls whom he’s made fun of.

The girls giggle at this opportunity. They’ve always wanted a chance to put this jock in his place. They now have a chance and they will not waste it. The poor jock doesn’t know what hits him.

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Watch this arrogant jock gets humiliated only on CFNMTV!

Meanwhile on Strip Search Hell, a regular felon is now back inside the penitentiary. The guards are familiar with him. They also know that whenever he comes back, he always brings in new troubles for everyone. The trouble usually involves drugs of some sort. They’ve learned their lesson and this dickwad will no longer make a fool out of themselves. It’s time for thorough inspection…

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Watch the video only on Strip Search Hell!

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