Autumn Term 4 – Straight Fetish Porn for Gay

Dear Porn Pal,

I have to tell you that I have a specific liking for fetish. I actually love looking at hot hunks tied up and all helpless. The scene that I’m going to share with you shortly is right on the money. 🙂 You wouldn’t label this as a gay sex scene per se but the focus was on the guy, so it kind of fits in.

The porn scene began with a naked guy spreadeagled on the bed. His name is James. He had dark hair, a pair of very sexy armpits full of black, bushy hair. His chest was broad enough that seeing it stretched out like that emphasized the definition of his pecs and arms. You’d describe his face as handsome and extremely masculine, yet he conveyed an overall air of a typical college jock, maybe a famous quarterback at a university.


And then there was an old, fat lady walking in along with a middle-aged woman and a young lady. Apparently, the old, fat lady won James from a slave auction held at St. Dunstans school. She literally rented him out to female patrons, regardless of legal age bracket, as a sex toy. James had been shrunk to a piece of meat, nothing more. The patrons for that afternoon were a mother-daughter duo, looking extremely excited with pure lust showing on their faces. They were predators ready to pounce on their prey.

The old lady approached the bed and leaned close to the James’s face. She told him that she expected him to “service” the women. James pleaded that he’d been there for weeks, tacitly begging his old mistress to grant him some rest but the old twat wouldn’t have any of it. All she cared about was the income from renting the boy to horny women. She told  him that she better service the women now, heavy with the implication that he better do a good job or he wouldn’t enjoy the consequences.

The jock didn’t say anything, his face undeniably showed defeat. There was nothing left to do but to submit. Right at that moment the daughter brought out a tickling feather and used it to touch James’s flaccid cock. James just stared in frustration as he started to feel his dick responding to the tickling sensation. The sadistic daughter gave a wicked grin, no doubt proud of her sinister ministrations.

Meanwhile, the mother sat by the window and next to the old, fat lady. They discussed James in explicit details, particularly his body and how perfect it was, as though he wasn’t there presently suffering from the daughter’s torment. The daughter asked if James had been tied up all day. The old, fat lady just explained that she let him around for an hour a day just to exercise. It was important for him to be in top shape, pretty much for her patrons.


But the mother-daughter perverts were not so happy with James’s semi-erect cock. They took out a penis pump instead and used it on him. The duo expertly inserted his dick and began playing with it. James was obviously becoming so uncomfortable but there was no escaping the sensation he was feeling from the pump, so his cock fully responded and went rock hard. This seemed to please the duo, even the old, fat lady.


The daughter pulled the penis pump off, exposing James’s stiff cock ready for almost anything now. She ravaged his dick into her mouth and sucked it hard. James, all stretched out, with his hands tied over his head, just looked at her with pleading eyes. He was definitely in need of release, or perhaps engulfed in a deep desire to touch the daughter’s private parts but to no avail.

When James thought he’d go insane from the blow-job, the old, fat lady commented about James being ready for the daughter to completely drain and use as she saw fit. The daughter wasted no time and climbed on top of him. She guided his cock into her pussy. When he’s fully inserted, the daughter started humping him hard, resulting for the bed to squeak even harder.


The whole scene unfolding got the mother so horny that she, too, climbed on the bed. This time she positioned herself over James’s face. She lifted her skirt up and brought her pussy down to his face. He started licking her pussy because he really didn’t have any choice, while the daughter kept humping him. James didn’t have much choice, no matter how tired he felt. The old, fat lady demanded for him to service the women, and that means “impeccably.”

The mother, then fully satisfied from the pussy licking she got from James, climbed off the bed. the daughter however kept on humping until she began to feel James ready to burst. She withdrew and jerked him just hard enough to squeeze the cum out of him. Poor James must’ve felt so drained for what seemed to be the endless patrons coming in that day, enjoying his body for their pleasure, completely oblivious to his pleasure.

I love CFNM concept porn, especially when you see how sexy and hot James is. You can catch him on Autumn Term 4.


Porn Mate

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