Back to Back Intense Spanking on RusStraightGuys: Soldier Volodnya and Sailor Nikita

There’s a new and very promising site that’s joined the gay spanking spectrum! It’s called RusStraightGuys. The production is based in Moscow. It features these delicious straight guys submitting to some serious spanking. I have to warn you that these are both intense scenes but take note that these spanking videos are consensual. The models are self-acclaimed straight guys who probably feel curious as to what it’s like to get spanked. Well, as they say, be careful what you wish for!

The first scene features 21-year old soldier named Volodnya. He walks into a room in his full camouflage regalia, looking really submissive, towards a shirtless man wearing a mask. The masked man tells Volodnya that he’s now going to get punished and orders him to strip. Volodnya immediately obeys and reveals a very athletic body. It’s really beautiful to look at, and you can already imagine how you can decorate it with spank marks or even welts if you plan to whip him.

Screenshot at марта 20 13-08-15

Volodya bends over the masked man’s lap and the spanking begins. It started off slow and quite gentle but it gradually gets rougher. The build up is probably the hottest because Volodnya’s beautiful ass has been warmed up quite well. He endures it like a man, with slightly telling facial expressions of his discomfort. The masked man orders him to be in different positions for better shots of his ass.

Screenshot at марта 20 13-06-26 Screenshot at марта 20 13-07-07

Let’s fast forward it to the real spanking. We see Volodnya here lying on his stomach on three wooden stools put together. The masked man doesn’t hold back as he spanks Volodnya with sheer force using a leather belt. You can hear the flick in the video and you can only imagine how painful it is when it lands. Sure enough, it doesn’t take long before we see the reddened butt cheeks of this beautiful soldier.

Screenshot at марта 20 13-14-04 Volodnya10 Screenshot at марта 20 13-15-46

The spanking continues long enough to see the darkening red shade forming on Volodnya’s ass cheeks. Here, you can hear the soldier trying hard to compose himself or even stopping himself from weeping. Again, I need to warm you that the spanking here is really intense. You can feel the degree of pain through Volodnya’s reaction towards the end.

Screenshot at марта 20 13-27-34

His butts were not the only part of his body attacked by the way. You will also see him getting belted on the palms of his hands and the soles of his feet.

Screenshot at марта 20 13-25-04 Screenshot at марта 20 13-23-42 Screenshot at марта 20 13-21-54

With Rus Straight Guys, you can purchase the full 30-minute video when you go to the site and find the download link. This is one of those videos that really belong to your collector’s item if you’re a spanking enthusiast.

In the second scene, we will the belting of the 18-year old sailor named Nikita. He’s a twink so this is catered more to those of you who get turned on by twinks being spanked.

I have to warn you again that the spanking here is super intense. The same masked man is deliberately delivering it. You will see in the last scene that the masked man uses the steel end of the belt to deliver the spanking with utter force. The poor twink could only moan and yell in agony.

Nikita Belt 1 Nikita Belt2 Nikita Belt 3 Nikita Belt 4 Nikita Belt 5 Nikita Belt 6 Nikita Belt 7 Nikita Belt 8

Watch these two intense spanking scenes at RusStraightGuys!

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