Back to Back Update: Breeder Fuckers and Strip Search Hell

For this week’s back-to-back updates we feature  BreederFuckers and Strip Search Hell.

Arrogant boy Dan is a stupid fucker. He’ll realize soon that any kind of resistance is useless. He’s now in the hands of to pervs used to getting their way with their victims. Today, that will be Dan and he’s in for some terrible times.

His abductors will ensure that any sign of arrogance is erased. He exists primarily for their pleasure and Dan must learn that lesson soon or he’s going to experience more pain. He has now entered a life of servitude and submission is key for his survival.

Will Dan survive? Will continue to resist and fight them? Find out on Breeder Fuckers!

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Meanwhile, a young prisoner goes to prison. The poor lad already knows the horrors and humiliation that go on in jail. What he doesn’t know is the “slave auction” type of is conducted at this particular prison. Search is more intimate and invasive and this leaves the poor lad red in the face. This is beyond humiliating.

The guards know that pretty lads like this one will attract the attention of the most notorious prisoners. They need to ensure that they will get to have the first taste. But first… the inspection commences. See this young man’s ordeal only on Strip Search Hell!

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