Back to Back: Foot Fetish Treat in Fifty Shades of Tyler and Intense Domination in Master Punisher

Today I’m sharing with you a back to back fetish scenes produced by HardKinks!

For those of you who enjoyed the whole concept of Fifty Shades of Grey and even watched the rated R movie in the theaters because you just can’t get enough of bondage in the world no matter how soft, you’re in for a treat!

In here there’s a little bit of a twist, Ricky Ruiz is set out to interview Tyler Roding. The condition is for Ricky to worship Tyler’s feet along with his colleagues’. For foot fetish lovers out there, this is made especially for you!

01 03 04 09 10 12 11As for those who love the usual bondage stuff involving leather and chains, HardKinks produced an intense domination session involving the best of Madrid’s macho men. Jordano Santoro takes on the role of a dom and Max Duran takes on the role of the sub.

Will Max be able to handle whatever Jordano demands?

01 02 03 05 06 08 10 11 12Watch these back to back bondage and foot fetish videos now only on HardKinks!

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