Bank Manager Captured and Teased to His Limit on Men on Edge

Sebastian Keys and Jackson Fillmore have unofficially become partners in crime. They have gone through a number of episodes on Men on Edge and it has fortified their friendship. They run off to the bank to settle some score. They immediately notice the hot teller serving them. They look at each other, almost telepathically communicating what their next action is going to be.

They have to get rid of the security guard so they knock him out. This renders Tyler Rush speechless. That’s the teller’s name by the way. He doesn’t know what’s wrong but he finds out that he got the attention of the mischievous duo who won’t stop until they get Tyler out of his suit.

They drag Tyler to the Armory and strip him naked there. It reveals Tyler’s already throbbing cock. This teller apparently gets turned on with some rough treatment whether he knows it or not. Jackson does not waste precious minutes and gets down to suck Tyler’s hard cock right away. It’s been begging for a mouth to wrap it down. Sebastian, on the other hand, gets so horny watching these two guys going at it so he strokes his own erection.

Tyler is beside himself and thinks that he’s slowly going to lose his mind. The sensation is too much and it’s overwhelming. Just when he’s about to shoot, Jackson removes his mouth on his cock and Tyler immediately misses it. Before he gets a bit of reprieve, Tyler feels someone’s tongue on his ass! It turns out that Jackson’s down there giving him an excellent rim job!

Finally, Sebastian bends Tyler over so he can play with his tight hole. He teases Tyler with a dildo and slides it up his ass. With all the sensations he’s having from all fronts, he finally busts a huge load.


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Watch this bank teller getting teased to madness only on Men on Edge!

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