Big-Dicked Chav Owns His Sub-bottom on Boynapped

This week on Boynapped

Tyler Jenkins is a handsome and fit young chav with a big dick begging to slide into a warm and tight hole. Lucky for him, his sub-bottom boy is more than willing to please his master. James Lewis is tied up with his ass pushing out, calling for the hungry dick of his master.

Tyler’s already got a raging boner as he plays with his sub’s flaccid cock. Well, the poor sub doesn’t need that anyway. All he needs for him is his warm and tight hole. God, the thought of his dick slipping into it is enough to get him on the edge.

James is patiently waiting to get fucked. Not to worry, it’s not long before he feels his young master slides into him. He fucks him so hard that he spurt¬†his jizz into the sub’s face.

For now, Tyler’s satisfied. Tonight could be a different story.

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See the handsome chav Tyler fucks his sub-bottom James only on Boynapped!

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