Big Dumb Jock Gets Manhandled by Headstrong College Girls on CFNM!

At CFNM, what Tom lacks in intellectual capacity, he more than makes up for with his well proportioned and muscular body. The girls go crazy that Tom’s been assigned in their class. They simply must find a way to get that jock naked so they could run their hands up his perfect and well-muscled torso.

Good thing that this Rugby jock is quite slow. When he walks into the classroom and late for five minutes, Miss West, the teacher, said that he will be punished. Tom’s speechless. Five minutes is barely a deal. Meanwhile, the girls start to giggle at Tom’s expense.

Miss West then instructs the girls to get Tom naked and humiliate him to learn his lesson. Tom begins to sweat but he cannot afford to piss the teacher a lot more so he obliges. He stands and submits to the maneuver of the three girls who are more than happy to strip him naked. It’s beyond humiliating!

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Read the entire storyboard about Tom and see him in other parts of this story only on CFNM!

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