The Boss’s Son

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Wowser! The main feature of  this gay sex scene is the hot son who really knows how to fuck.

Okay, the scene begins in the office of a rather mature man going through some paperwork. A young man walks into the office. He’s tall, at least six-feet, and he has a very athletic build that hides underneath a gray, fitted t-shirt. He has brown eyes that appear somewhat menacing when they point at you, though quite the tame ones while they stare at his dad to get some money. His dad just smiles because he knows why his son has shown up all of a sudden. His dad gives him some money and he takes off.

The son, whose name is Jay, didn’t actually leave the work premises; instead he lurks in the main working area. He spots a blond guy in a navy blue coverall. At the moment he’s no doubt the center of the boss’s son’s attention.

The worker feels that someone is staring at him but can’t quite pinpoint who it is. He continues to check the machine and other stuff. As we walks back, a pair of hands suddenly grabs him and pushes him against a wall.

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Jay was very much consumed with lust as he kissed the blond worker so hard, literally attacking his lips with urgency. The blond worker was somewhat confused as he broke from the kiss, though without much conviction but more to know who was kissing him hard. When he saw how hot Jay was, he gave in.

Jay unzips the worker’s coverall, revealing a well-formed chest and pierced, pink nipples. He sucks those sensitive nipples into his mouth and alternately kisses the hot blond hard.

The worker started feeling him up, down to his crotch. His erection is rebelling against the constraints of the fabric holding it down. The worker kneels in front of him and begins smelling Jay’s boner. It’s not very long until the worker just pulls down Jay’s briefs, finally freeing the rebelling erection against the constriction from the fabric. This also gives us a glimpse of Jay’s well-nurtured and trimmed pubes that you just want to sniff and inhale that musky scent, a combination of natural masculine hormones mixed with male sweat.

Jay removes the coverall from his power bottom. He just couldn’t wait to stick his dick into that ass! But not yet. The worker is now mainly exposed, the only barrier left is a pair of tight red underwear that does very little to cover his hard-on. This is perhaps the reason Jay is manhandling him with so much urgency. The worker himself is really a sight to behold: well-formed muscles dominating his upper torso, and a very round ass made for a hard dick to ram into. But he’s quite shorter than Jay, which is perfect for a top.

The worker kneels down and finally takes Jay’s perfect and smooth cock into his mouth. He sucks on it as though he’s been starved for days and finally given a gourmet dish for him to eat. Talk about enjoying some well-cooked frank, oozing with moist and juice.

What makes this gay sex scene so hot is the tempo of the whole fucking. I mean…the chemistry between Jay and the worker is pretty damn electric!

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The next scene is a must-watch. Jay goes down and gives this power bottom an extremely out-of-this-world ass rimming. You can hear the slurping of tongue making contact with the tight hole. It’s almost like watching a dog noisily drinking water from the bowl. The sound itself can get you so horny. Jay spits on it, eats his ass, and squeeze those ass cheeks.

Then before you think you’re ready to bust a load, the scene takes you to the fucking itself. It’s all worth the suspense. The worker is bent over, holding one of the steel shelves as Jay rams into him like a maniac. He humps harder and harder as though he hasn’t ejaculated for days. His excitement really jumps out of the gay sex scene itself. It’s contagious.

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They explore different positions as they fuck–standing, doggy style, reverse cowboy, etc. It wouldn’t do justice with words.  Catch every hot action on Men of UK. The gay sex scene title is The Boss’s Son.


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