Bound Straight Guy Made to Suck and Fucked on Breeder Fuckers

Happy MLK!

When I first subscribed to BreederFuckers, I immediately got drawn to this particular model. Well I pretty much went through his other videos on this site and they’re all so worth it!

His name’s John, a supposed straight guy who’s also an athlete. He was unfortunately captured by the two perverts who did things to him that may be considered a nightmare to any straight guy. At least that’s where the fantasy would like you to take.

The acting was subtle and believable. The actor that played John was not just hot, but I really think he did a fantastic job portraying the ideal character in that scene. The two perverts were also very believable.

In the end, the scene rendered multiple jerk-offs from me, and I felt very elated in each session! Just check out the video and see for yourself. If you love John here, you’ll love him as equally, if not more, in his other videos there!

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