Boy with Knife Debut on Gay War Games

This looks to be a start of an excellent series on Gay War Games. It looks like some soldier found a stray guy playing with a knife. Civilians seem prohibited to carry one in the war-torn country of Tchukistan. This is a mistake on the part of the boy. He thought that he was alone when he took out this knife and inspected it. When he looked back, the soldier already caught him red-handed and the boy didn’t have a choice but to admit to his crime.

The soldier obviously had other things in mind…

boywithknife_i1-01 boywithknife_i1-02 boywithknife_i1-03 boywithknife_i1-05 boywithknife_i1-06 boywithknife_i1-08 boywithknife_i1-09 boywithknife_i1-10 boywithknife_i1-11

Watch it only on Gay War Games!

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