Boy with Knife Part 2 on Gay War Games

We now see the second part on Gay War Games of the poor boy’s predicament after a soldier caught him carrying a knife. Part 2 of this series immediately picks up from where things left off in part 1. This is a serious violation. In fact, it’s considered breaking the law.

The soldier has a sadistic streak flowing in his blood. He gets off on seeing cute, twinky boys rendered completely helpless. It gets him really hot looking at lean guys tied up. He then thinks of a number of different things that he could do them and that’s precisely what the soldier did.

boywithknife_i2-01 boywithknife_i2-02 boywithknife_i2-03 boywithknife_i2-04 boywithknife_i2-05 boywithknife_i2-07 boywithknife_i2-10 boywithknife_i2-11 boywithknife_i2-12

Watch it only on Gay War Games!

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