Boynapped Back to Back: Ashton Bradley with Justin Blaber and Sean Taylor with Chris Jansen

For those of you who love twink bondage, here’s a treat for you! Here’s a couple of scenes from this week’s update on Boynapped. First one features Ashton Bradley preying on Justin Blaber.

Justin looks really hot and completely helpless, bound naked with hands tied overhead with his cock hanging out begging for attention. Ashton doesn’t dawdle and gets down to business right away. He ties Justin’s balls and stretches them out while he flogs the poor boy.

Check out some of these hot pics!

boyn0707_justinblaber_ashtonbradley_05 boyn0707_justinblaber_ashtonbradley_07 boyn0707_justinblaber_ashtonbradley_09 boyn0707_justinblaber_ashtonbradley_16 boyn0707_justinblaber_ashtonbradley_18 boyn0707_justinblaber_ashtonbradley_19

The second video features Chris Jansen and Sean taylor.

Poor Chris has been captured and is now tied down in a way that gives access to anyone who wants to have a go at his tight hole and bubbly ass. The first man who walks by happens to Sean who has a weakness for nice, squeezable butts.

He immediately stands behind Chris and starts toying with him. It doesn’t take long before Sean inserts his dick into that butthole. Candles are conveniently placed within reach so he lights one up and pours hot candle wax all over Chris’s back.

boyn0718_chrisjansen_seantaylor_02 boyn0718_chrisjansen_seantaylor_04 boyn0718_chrisjansen_seantaylor_05 boyn0718_chrisjansen_seantaylor_11 boyn0718_chrisjansen_seantaylor_13 boyn0718_chrisjansen_seantaylor_19boyn0718_chrisjansen_seantaylor_03

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