BreederFuckers – Leonardo Gets an Enema and Fucked While Bound

We all love BreederFuckers. They really know what it means to get rough and dirty.

School star athletes like Leonardo are so used to being served. They expect everyone to go out of their way just to make him happy. They’ve lived lives full of privileges. When things go south and when the tables are turned, things could get really exciting for us bondage lovers.

Leonardo’s been through hell since he was captured. Now his captors had gotten him secured with his legs up in the air and stretched wide apart. They clearly had evil intentions with his ass, and he was completely correct with that assumption.

They gave him an enema and ordered him not to release until he was told or there would be hell to pay. Leonardo didn’t have any choice but to obey. Despite the discomfort, he ignored the pressure from his ass that then moved up his stomach. When he was ordered to release, he felt totally relieved.

But it wasn’t long before one of his captors decided to pound his ass…

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If you want to see more of our football athlete getting ass-invaded with an enema and a warm cock, check out BreederFuckers now!

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