Brian: Licked, Rimmed, and Sucked

Today we’ll have some gay porn throwback from one of my favorite sites out there–Straight Teasing Hand Jobs, or simply STHJ. I first posted about my favorite model named Brian here. Now I want to share with you another video of him that really gets me so turned on. I won’t even consider him super hot but he’s so cute! Plus his athletic body makes him even cuter, and is being taken advantage of by some dirty older man!

There’s something about Brian  that really draws me into his videos, just like in this one. I believe his facial expression gets me every time–the way he bites his upper lip when Rich pleasures him or feels his lean body up and plays with his nipples. Brian gives that vibe that he’s willing to do everything behind closed doors, or even open ones. He exemplifies obedience when someone’s having their way with his body, almost like a personification of a good male slave. :-pbrianlrs-102 brianlrs-103 brianlrs-104 brianlrs-107 brianlrs-109 brianlrs-111 brianlrs-117 brianlrs-122 brianlrs-128 brianlrs-132                                                         **Straight Teasing Hand Jobs**

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