Captured Paratrooper Part 2 on Russian Captured Boys

I have first featured this muscular man being whipped mercilessly in the series debut. Now his suffering continues on Russian Captured Boys!

This  fine man is sprawled on the rack, spread-eagled and fully stretched out. We see his muscular captor hawking around it, picking out instruments of tortures that he will obviously use on his prey. He first picks out a flogger. I call it the wolverine flogger just because it reminds me so much of it. The captor then starts whipping the torso of his victim. The poor soldier can only shout in pain. He can barely move an inch because of how they have secured him there.

After the whipping, the captor plays with sending electric shocks to the victim who’s lying on a metal mat. It goes on and we can hear plenty of screams. In the end, the soldier gave in. They do have a different plan for him,though. They will subject him to sexual slavery to fulfill the darkest fantasies of their most perverse clients.

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Watch the paratrooper gets whipped, stretched out, and electrocuted only on Russian Captured Boys!

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