Captured Plumber Part 1 on Russian Captured Boys

It’s back to the basic for Russian Captured Boys today and that’s actually a good thing. We never grow tired of watching the classic hot Russian man tied, spread-eagled against the wall.

A member of the RCB team phoned in a local plumber. This guy posted his pic on the ad and he worked as a one-man shop so he was not associated with any company. He was just the perfect target. The team didn’t have to worry about covering their tracks and they could easily wipe out his records.

The plumber showed up and the RCB thought that the man just had the perfect build. The plumber went straight to work and went to look at the drain in the shower. Without a care in the world and his guard completely down, one of the RCB guys tackled him from behind and hit him hard in the back of his head, hard enough that the plumber lost consciousness.

When the plumber finally regained his consciousness, he was naked and tied up against the wall with nothing but his underwear on. This made him so anxious. He felt right because his torture was just about to begin…

For the next couple of hours, the plumber had to endure electroshocks and pinwheels in an effort to add him to the growing collection of males slaves that the RCB team has been maintaining.

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Watch the captured plumber only on Russian Captured Boys!

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