Captured Plumber Part 2 on Russian Captured Boys

The poor, hot plumber was first drugged and then electrocuted. Now his torture continues here on Russian Captured Boys. As he woke up, he suddenly realized that two guys drugged him and then shocked him while tied to the wall.

He always believed in honest work and even pride himself in keeping his work ethics high. He did not do drugs because he never wanted to get in trouble with the authorities. He also had a family to support and he promised to himself that he’d take care of them. Well, look at him now? Hauled up on a winch like a piece of meat!

I’ve always enjoyed guys tied up and suspended. We get plenty of that in this part of his torture. You could the flat voice in the background asking the poor plumber if he was ready to become a slave. The plumber would always respond with a resounding ‘no’ and the muscular slave called “32” would relentlessly hit the plumber with a single-tail whip.

The whipping here is so good and you have to see the video for yourself!

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Watch the plumber suffer more only at Russian Captured Boys!

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