Captured Superintended

The term construction guys may sometimes put some of us in a great mood. It even fires up some of our imagination as to what a typical construction man looks like, and allowing us to explore that imagination as far as thinking of owning one and to do with him as we please.

That’s what Russian Captured Boys has fleshed out for us in this particular series. To make this a bit more exciting, they lured a construction superintendent for a photoshoot job, with double the rate he makes supervising rough construction workers. Of course for someone who busts his ass, a seemingly profitable photoshoot is hard to turn down.

Little did this construction superintended know that the so called “photoshoot” really entails him rendered in many helpless positions, including the subjection to pain to capture his suffering on photograph.

Here are some of the photos for this unfortunate captive.

foto_270064 foto_270183 foto_270297 foto_270328 foto_270852 foto_220049 foto_220087 foto_220479 foto_220697

Catch this only on Russian Captured Boys!

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