Casey More – The Challenge on 30 Minutes of Torment

Casey More is so darn sexy! When I look at him I try to come up with a phrase to describe him. I don’t know but the word “stallion” comes to mind. What do you think? Don’t you agree that he exudes just that kind of animalistic appeal? Ironically I also love his shy and polite nature. You can see that during the pre-shoot interview with Van in this sizzling Kink on Demand clip.

My favorite part in this gay bondage video is the water torture. It started out with Casey only wearing a tiny piece of loincloth covering his male pride then Van whips it away. If there’s one thing I would have loved more is if Van wore a toga to look like a senator of the ancient Roman Republic. The whole bondage scene definitely gives that feel…from the shoot setting, to Casey’s thin loincloth, to being strung up…that’s the whole nine yards to satisfy our bondage cravings. :-p

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