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Dear Porn Pal,

Have you actually fancied living in a world with indentured male servants? Well, let’s put it this way, imagine a system where if people could no longer pay their debts, they have the option to enter indentured service instead of going to jail. And imagine those hot college jocks who fall victim to their student loans or credit card debts that they couldn’t pay on time will be given an option to serve as an indentured male slave. Doesn’t that excite you?

Well, the next gay porn scene I’m going to share with you lends a perspective in that world. Well sort of. Lol. Okay, so what I’m going to talk to you about focuses on a hot muscular jock entering a classroom full of women. The name is Tom. He’s obviously a student judging by his navy blue blazer over a white dress shirt and a yellow and blue tie. He has dark hair and a nice, muscular frame. His face is peppered with the five o’clock shadow surrounding his jawline. His dark eyes look pleading as he gets chastised by the female teacher for being late. Uh, oh. The hunk is in serious trouble. He’s probably subject to indentured service. And wouldn’t we want to see him punished or humiliated? 🙂

The female teacher asks in a rough tone why he’s late. He submissively explains that he had to run from practice because the coach asked them to perform a very heavy routine. He looks the part of someone rushing to get to a very important appointment. Sweat forms on his forehead and starts to actually trickle down his cheeks. No doubt triggered from physical exertion and nervousness. This makes us believe that he somewhat knows what the penalty is for being late. Nevertheless, he tries to explain.

The teacher just calls him out for giving excuses after excuses, while his female classmates are clearly enjoying his predicament. One of them even says something about getting him naked. Tom just looks embarrassingly at the direction of whoever suggested it because it clearly motivates the female teacher to do just that.

From the way Tom looks, he knows that he’s going to be subjected to different forms of amusement. and there’s not one thing he can do but to comply to humiliating feats against his will. The laws of indentured slavery assures that. Everyone who’s not in indentured service suddenly becomes his master or mistress and can demand for him to strip in public. They can touch him in his most intimate parts, even demand for him to jerk off or even have sexual intercourse with another person in indentured service, male or female.

The female teacher approaches Tom and removes his jacket. She calls the other girls to help her undress Tom who just stands there and submits to the humiliating process of these horny women stripping him off his clothes. The women makes comments about Tom being sweaty and dirty, scolding him for not taking a shower after his practice while feeling his broad chest and pinching his rosy nipples.

The women demand for him to put his arms up and flex his muscles so they can further enjoy his bulging biceps. This also highlights Tom’s narrow waist as the girls tap his abs. One of them even asks how often he works out. He respectfully responds that he works out hard every day. The girls get him to bend over while they feel up his ass. After they satisfy their lust, they ordered him to stand up.

One of the girls unzips his black pants, revealing a black boxers. Multiple hands caress his crotch while Tom just endures the humiliation. These girls are really serious in treating him like a piece of meat, without any regard to his feelings. The one with pink, manicured nails make comment about feeling his balls. Other girls respond and say that they too would want to feel his balls.

Finally the girls can no longer bear the excitement and pull down his boxer briefs, revealing a tasty-looking cock. Tom’s reaction at that point is priceless. His humiliation might as well swallow him, the shame clearly evident on his face. The undeniable discomfort overtaking his discipline to stand still as the girls continue to play with his dick.

They bend him over so they can further check his ass. They then take turns hitting his ass with a stick and demand that he says thank you for every hit. Not only does Tom have to go through the humiliation of nakedness, he also has to take the punishment and withstand the pain. When they’re done hitting him, they tell him to stand up and put his feet apart and arms out. It is the position of ultimate submission for a slave ready for further inspection.

The teacher instructs the female students to sniff his armpits and tweak his nipples. A girl stands on either side of Tom and they both start to pinch his sensitive nipples as if they’re milking cows. They squeeze them, twist them, and tap them. Tom reacts to the rough touches while the girls pick up the stick again and play with his dick.

The teacher then instructs Tom to kneel down and start kissing their feet. This is basically a reminder that he’s a slave and they see him as nothing more as their play thing. One of them finally seals this treatment by putting a dog leash on him, leading him on like a prized pet.

Poor Tom has few hours to go and he must endure all these treatments for the alternatives are unthinkable.

This letter is inspired by the scene on CFNM TV. You’re going to love it if you’re into male slaves. 🙂


Porn Mate

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