Chris Gets It with Rich’s Belt on Reluctant Young Men

Do you like punishing beautiful, muscular men? Do you like bending them over your lap and spanking their asses until they beg you to stop? That’s basically what Rich did here to the poor, young Chris on Reluctant Young Men.

Rich at first warmed Chris up by spanking him with his bare hands. The hunk did not think that it was going to get worse, extremely confident that whatever Rich had in store, he could handle it. When Rich reached for his belt and started using it, Chris was no longer sure. The sting was right there. He could feel it creeping up his butt cheeks.

Rich further humiliated Chris by asking him to count every painful stroke that he whacks down his ass. The poor, muscular guy’s face becomes contorted from the increasing and burning pain that feels on his butt.

Rich then gives Chris the finale of non-stop spanking for two minutes straight. This leaves Chris with reddened ass cheeks that are simply glorious to look at.

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Watch Chris’s reddened butt cheeks from all that spanking only on Reluctant Young Men!



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