Chris Rimmed and Slowly Sucked on STHJ

Slow Teasing Hand Jobs is far from being a hardcore gay bondage site. In fact, it’s mostly about edging. The guys being featured are hit or miss for my taste. I’m sure you also have your favorites and those that you don’t care about.

I like videos where a guy is tied up and sucked off. There’s something so sexy and erotic about it. I particularly love Chris. I like his easygoing nature and very soothing way of answering Rich’s questions.

Just look at him! Wouldn’t you want him tied up in your own bed to do with as you please? Of course, you do! That’s precisely what I’d love to do and Rich is one lucky bastard to be able to do all of the things he did in this video.

When Chris is about to cum, the way he begs is enough to make me explode. ?








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